Tasteful portfolio

The distinctive value of Camps Food can be found in the way we think. From the inside out. From the intrinsic needs of the consumer to the shelf space in the stores. This fact determines our raison d'être.

This has resulted in a ravishing portfolio of brands:

Finally dynamics in the traditional category


Chio, provider of savory snacks, nuts and other related products, can be found with more than twenty products in a variety of salty snack segments. The people behind the brand Chio believe that no one should accept the ordinary. According to them,  the ordinary is just not good enough. Chio offers products that add something extra which makes it better, tastier and more surprising.  Available in a wide assortment with a rich range of tastes. With Chio, the consumers always has something tasty at home.



fruit bowl

 Thé healthy snack made of 100% fruit,  no added sugars


Fruit Bowl represents a tasteful range of packaged fruit snacks. Parents of growing children become increasingly aware of the importance of healthy food, but they also want to pamper them at the same time. Therefore Fruit bowl offers a sensible and healthier alternative for a  in between-moment of pampering. Fruit bowl fruitsnacks stands for a healthy and tasty treat at school, a children’s party, on the road or at home. Fruit made fun!

ella's kitchen

Organic baby food, with no added sugar or salT


Ella’s Kitchen produces healthy, 100% organic food for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Children eat, as well as adults, with all their senses. Therefore, Ella’s recipes have flavour and textures that tickle and also develop their taste buds. Packaging with original names and bright colours which invite enjoyment while eating. This is how Ella’s kitchen creates a journey of discovery to new flavours and healthy eating in her products.



Marvellous crisps from the English authentic countryside


The Tyrells farm in Herefordshire, in the west of England, will exclusively work with their own home-grown potato crop. The nearest field is literally next to the farm and the farthest potato field is 40 kilometres away. The farmers bake the unpeeled spuds in small quantities. In addition to the potato crisps from the local Lady Claire and Lady Rosetta, Tyrell now also produces the most finest crisps from parsnips , beets , carrots and sweet potatoes.



At Nature Valley nature has been our inspiration since 1975. We believe the more we experience nature the better we feel. We connect people to nature’s energy.


That’s why all our bars have remarkable tasting on the go energy from ingredients you can see, without artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.


Nature Valley, the original energy bar nature intended.


Kleinstesoepfabriek (smallest soup factory) produces organic soups with lots of flavour.


Our recipes are inspired by traveling the world and we produce them in a traditional, authentic way.

Soup gives power and comfort, soup heals and brings people together.


We put lots of time and love in our soups for the perfect flavour.






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