For category growth: meet Camps Food!

At Camps Food we averse the idea of concepts with ‘ empty promises’. We are mesmerized by genuine products. Food products that are made by entrepreneurs who – from personal motives - strive to produce better food: healthier and tastier. Often these are brands with a vision. Brands like: Chio, FruitBowl, Ella’s Kitchen, Tyrrells, Nature Valley and Kleinste Soepfabriek. Whose producers see it at their job

to help the category change and grow.

Together we fulfil your ambitions

Camps Food´s team of employees help the suppliers and buyers with customer and

solution- oriented thinking and thereby live up to our promises towards the market:

choosing Camps Food is better for you.



The Better for Trade team includes marketing and sales professionals. They combine their expertise with an entrepreneurial approach and hands-on mentality. This enables to react quickly and adequately to the changing needs of the consumer and new opportunities on the sales floor.

Marketing team

sales team

The marketing team works closely together with our quality brand-suppliers to achieve the perfect balance between the needs of the consumer and the relevance of the category. Together we ensure that the concepts of our suppliers are completely in line with the market.

Camps Food’s employees from the Sales team see it as their job to think proactively together with our business partners. In this way, we help to change categories to let both our retail partners as well as the out of home-channel find faster connection to the shopper who is open to variation and especially delicious concepts.



In the Better for Operations team our employees of logistics, trade support and finance work closely together. As a result, Camps Food meets the highest standards in the field of the chain of supply and customer interaction. With an excellent delivery programme and optimal customer support as a result.

The distinction of camps food

As distributor Camps Food supplies all major retailers in the Benelux. Primarily , we focus on  the core business implementation of purchasing, inventory and sales. As a matter of course, our Logistics and Finance state of the art departments are automated and organised. Our services comply with all the high logistic and administravie requirements. The distinction of Food Camps compared to our competition is that we can ascribe to the wide assortment of healthy products and the category knowhow which we passionately share with our clients.

Quality, reliability and effectivity

Camps food is SKAL/ BIO- certified, under registry number 894910. This means we are able to connect quickly to the innovative developments in the production and distribution of organic food concepts. The certificate makes the reliability of the organic food products visible for both buyers and consumers.

Camps Food is a member of GS1. This gives the advantage that we can share product details and information  via central datapooling with our BLX retail partners, making the complete franchise optimally and efficiently  streamlined.





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